I don't know
Who the devil is
Or where he lives

What excites him
What makes his face glow

What is the color of his skin
To us humans is he a kin

What language does he speak
To impress his thoughts so bleak

Awry we go in communication
Causing widespread humiliation

I don't know
Who the Barbatos is
Or where he lives

But echoes of altercation
Such as his are heard
In a shiny White House
On top of a hill!

by Savita Tyagi

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I don't know who the devil is or where he lives……..Loved the expression! Thanks dear madam for sharing …..10
does the Donald live on a hill? could he be as bad as the Devil? at least if he IS 'the Devil', he can use the same monogrammed towels [t. D.] whether he's in his Hades or his White House bathrooms. smart fellow, don't you think? Donald's wife makes me think of an angel, but i know looks can be deceiving. bri :)
i never heard of this guy: Barbatos - Wikipedia https: // In demonology, Barbatos (UK: /bɑːrˈbeɪtɒs/, US: /bɑːrˈbeɪtoʊs/) is an earl and duke of Hell, ruling thirty legions of demons and has four kings as his companions to command his legions.... i have four QUEENS as my companions, ...........and a few princesses. it's nice bri ;)
Today our world is faced with many evil. So much that we are no longer shocked and it seems as though we have accepted it for there is little we can do. Thank you for your beautiful wise words.
An interesting poem, we don't know who the devil is but there are many humans around us who turns out to be devils.