Barbie Has No Friends.
She Has No Purpose.
She Is Simply Plastic Limbs Attached At The Plastic Joints.
She Has No Heart.
Her Body Is Simply Hollow.
There Are No Words She Speaks.
And No Other She Loves.
She Is Plastic; Fake.
Little Kids. Brush Her Hair. And Dress Her In Tiny Outfits.
Outifits Fit For No One.
But This Fake.
She Has A Million Jobs. And She Has So Called Friends.
That Are Plastic Like Her.
They Arent Included. You Must Pay For Their Affection.
And When The Little Kids Grow Up.
And The Tiny Outfits Get Worn Out.
Barbie Is Used.
Used As A Doll To Tarnish. And Get Rid Of.
Barbie Can Not Grow Up.
Her Plastic. Is Still The Same.
Her Emotions The Same.
And her Fakeness. The same.
Soon She Will Get Tossed In The Attic. Or Sold At A Sale.
Passed On To The Others.
To be Used.
Because After All She Is Barbie.
Plastic And Fake.

by Morgan Gallegos

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