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Bard's Chair

Come sit with me a moment and put the world away.
Gather round your soul-spirited sister and brother,
the stars and the moon or the garland of day.
Come sit with me a moment; let's be lost in one another.

Come listen to the sounds of the harpist's art
as he plays a dalliance of deity and duty.
Come listen to the sounds to touch the heart
beyond the realms of light and beauty.

A million restless hearts are yearning today.
They are lost and they had no warning.
Come, come join me in a world away
that can bring stars to the sky of morning.

There's not a hill nor praire, not a field nor lawn,
that can stop this restless turning;
but come to the bard's chair, lit golden by dawn,
where the skies are red and burning.

Listen to the strings that gently tell
of a tale of hurt so crushing.
Listen to the music from the harpist's shell
where the sands of life are blushing.

The sun hangs over, rays tumbling down
on the chair and the light discovers:
the arch of a smile and the bow of a frown,
the sweet lips of two spiritual lovers.

For life may haunt behind his hazel eyes
and the heart strain in her eyes of blue.
We can see them twinkling across the skies.
They wink forever across the azure milieu.

by Linda Marie Van Tassell

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