Poem Hunter
(12-05-1990 / Hull)


Poem By Danny, James Archer

When a red sun contrasts a blue moon,
when a light makes the whole world dark,
when a feeling is displaceed at the 'wrong' time.
Thats where the world will crumble?

At a point where religion is obselete
we all look on 'youth' as a discrace.
However now people have nothing to be 'good' for
and no reason to live a perfet life.

Society has become ridiculing of beleifs
and where the facts were, that stars
where little peices of heaven poking through a clear
night sky, The facts now are protons and carbon.... bare!

there is no room for opinion
only qualified views count.
How can this be right?
just because you dont have a peice of paper does that make you wrong?

And a final thought from my unwearthy head
if it was not for emotion would
life be soo terrible?
would we CARE?

think with your mind not your heart!
all it does is pump blood around your body,
nothing more.

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Profound poem, Danny. I like it.