(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


It's not for the want of 'things',
I wish.
To fulfill a need...
That would bring to me bliss.

To meet someone and there is chemistry,
Immediately recognized...
As a missing piece.
To fit instantly would please.

And with a grinning done from ear to ear,
Appearing on two faces...
Makes one thing very clear.
This is the picture from a dream that has been wished.

Leaving a feeling kept hidden,
With an exposed happiness!

'Before you go outside,
Shouldn't you dress?
At least coverup...
Your expressed gratefulness! '

I'm glad it is known,
I have nothing left to confess.
You have me caring less,
I have bared my soul.~

'Just put on some clothes.
I took the day off!
That's why I am bare.
If you don't mind,
With the door closed! '

~What am I thinking?
What am I thinking? ~

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