'The Bullet That Missed'

The screams are deafening, the cries so loud,
The stench of fear, a mixture of blood and urine.
Then I realize, my own screams are meaningless-
I bite my tongue, and head for the door with the others.
The others… they fall one by one.
No! I shout! Not another one!
I lunge with all my might, to shield the bullets bite,
And cover her body with my own-
The bullet finds a path, tearing flesh and bone,
And in my back, its found a home.
The chaos in the room becomes a blur,
And as my body dies, I’m comforted in knowing
That I protected and saved her.
That’s the bullet that missed.

by Kelly Seale

Comments (1)

I love this! A love poem totally off the wall and coming from a such an off the wall perspective. I think you could make a love poem of anything. I love the nearness and the tenderness and the togetherness. In an X-ray of your love all you would see is your hearts beating in time together. It's good to know that such love exists! This cuts to the bone and goes clean through to the heart. GinaXXX