Kwesi Brew (The Excutioner's Dream)

I dreamt I saw an eye, a pretty eye,

In your hands,

Glittering, wet and sickening;

Like a dull onyx set in a crown of throns,

I did not know you were dead

when you dropped it in my lap.

what horrors of human sacrifice

Have you seen, executioner?

What agonies of tortured men

Who sat through nights and nights of pain;

Tongue tied by the wicked sappor;

Gazing at you with hot imploring eyes?

These white lilies tossed their little heads

then In the moon-steeped ponds;

There was bouncing gaiety in the crisp chirping

Of the cricket in the undergrowth,

And as the surf-boats splintered the waves

I saw the rainbow in your eyes

And the flash of your teeth;

As each crystal shone,

I saw sitting hand in hand with melancholy

A little sunny child

Playing at marbles with husks of fallen stars,

Horrors were your flowers then, the bright red bougainvilled.

They delighted you.

Why do you now weep

And offer me this little gift

Of a dull onyx set in a crown of throns?

by African Poems

Comments (4)

'as it wanders barefoot through my tears & memory.' unforgettable - barefoot wandering through tears...i cannot find my shoes, too... as if i walked barefoot through all - it is so very well penned...
My Da always told me that he had to walk 5 miles to school every day, but that it was only three miles back home when school let out for the day (because of his joy at being out?) . I could never, ever have told this tale as well as you have, though, with such beauty and tenderness and love.
God...this is just such a beautiful poem. So tender! A love poem for your Dad! It's an amazing tour de force! And I know it is not a sad poem but it's beauty made me cry. All the times intertwining with him as the little boy and you the little boy hearing him tell of being a little's such a celebration of him and your love for him! It bursts the heart and overfloods the banks. Simply stunning! Wow! love Dee Dee
Oh my.... this is absolutely 'awesome', sorry for my leaning to that word but it is Donall. Awesome penning. I love it. HG: -) xx