(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Barely Noticed

I live life!
Free from trying to impress.
That seems such an outdated mindset to have.
To exist seeking approval.

I can understand that action,
When folks are attracted to one another.

But to live one's life,
Just for the sake and sacrifice...
Of pleasing someone else?
I'm not in it like that...for that.
Not like that!

I do 'crave' appreciation,
Applause and standing ovations!
WHEN I am in the mood,
For that kind of attention.
Which isn't 'too' often.
Since I am a natural giver.
And I choose not to have my talents,
Taken for granted.

Do you now understand 'why'
I shy away from the spotlight?
It's just not my cup of tea...
To be smothered by fans,
And asked for my autograph!
It's soooo...

And I'm not like that.
Not at all.
I'm self evolved!
With just a slight hint of ego,
Barely noticed!
And when it is...
That's rare.

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