you're covered in bruises
and dark circles adorn both eyes
I overhear you say your name
and I feel your laughter
it shakes your body and mine
your body sags with
the weight of your world
and time hasn’t been too
kind to you
but your eyes still
shine to spite all
because you’ve got diamonds inside

by Jon Edward Walker

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Amen to what John Richter said below, and also, after reading the comments of Rose Garden and Claire Jones, I realized that I agreed with them, too. I can certainly envision this person in my mind. Great job and congratulations on Poem of the Day!
Knocked me right off my chair! In so few lines Mr. Walker created an intense understanding of a situation, a chance meeting perhaps of two souls, one in desperation, the other in admiration. And worded so incredibly beautifully.... Dear poets, this is poetry.....
A diamond and precious substance inside this poem
This is really good, I can almost picture this person the way you have described. CJ
Like this one a lot... for some reason makes me think of Henry Miller and his whores
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