An Ill Fated Destiny

They say in life you have a destiny
Up to now we thought you and me
But all the ill fated memories
Carved the path to the road we're on
You weigh the good and the bad
Trying to at least even both sides
But one always outweighs the other
And ours, well, was down the latter
You can't say we didn't try
Through all the struggles wondering why
We both did things we both regret
Not admitting the wrong haunting us yet
I guess we were never meant to be
Each other we weren't our destiny
So here we go our separate ways
In our minds the odd and even days
That day of fate while getting gas
Two hearts fluttered only to pass
All it took was one separation
For two hearts bound of desecration

by Oscar Robles

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He writes memorable lines but doesn't seem to have an individualistic view of people- -to him all barmaids are cheap, ignorant, and silly in their attempts to look better... I would have preferred a barmaid who has some quirks of her own, who works hard for her livelihood, and doesn't care if men are not pl; eased with the size of her waist or not.
She ever makes a point! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A piece of fine work
Such a great poem by William Ernest Henley👍👍👍