JGA (16 December 1943 / Nottingham)

Barmitzvah Wishes Nephew David

What can I write?
What can I say?
To wish you, David,
For 9th September 2006, your Barmitzvah Day.

For on that day, Dear Nephew, you agree
To take on board your responsibilities,
To become a Jewish Man,
Be Honest and True,
And try to keep HIS Commandments,
And HIS Statutes too.

To observe All the Festivals,
Keep the Shabbat too,
Be good to your Family,
And to yourself ~ be True.

Remember Hillel's Proverb
‘Ahavta Lereyacha Kamocha'
[Love your Neighbour as yourself]
And you will be blessed
With a Future of Success,
Good Health and Happiness.

Copyright (c) Yisroel Yonatan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 7 August 2006

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