Poem By Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun

This calming river, a surface like glass
where deeper below emotions surpass
in longing for something more...

Looking down the narrow way
as I pull back on my sails,
I sense my soul is stiring
and growing somewhat pale.

This restlessness and cowardice
to want but never venture out,
Keeps me drifting in shallow waters
drowning in pools of doubt.

Those harbored souls seem skeletal now
as I pass slowly through,
Just like me they sailed within
Their stay long overdue.

Comments about ~barnacle~

This felt like boating on the river Styx. Like you say, we all must cross it some day.
Hi David, I am glad you enjoyed my poem. I think a lot of people might be able to identify with this poem, at some point in their lives.
kim, i like this poem...............as i read it, i can picture the moment with a perfect understanding, with the past and present.........

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