Poem By Charles Todd

In Balinese clothes
Down lane to central area
Whole village there
Musicians playing monotony

Enter Priests and Bearer of Pure Water
Barong and Pure Water blessed
Water from sacred Mount Agung
Pure Water splashed on our heads

Then three times into palms, slurp, slurp, slurp
Rice stuck to our brows
Incense and offerings
Musicians playing

Procession of dancers, Barong's warriors
Evil enters
Evil's soldiers fight Barong's warriors
Musicians playing

Barong's warriors under spell,
Try to kill selves.
Saved by Barong.
Musicians playing

Good triumphs over evil
But evil in each of us remains
Sprinkled with Pure Water
Musicians stop playing

A ceremony and message to remember.

Comments about Barong

A lovely write.. Keep it up.... I would like you read my poem In the mid of the night depression you are killing me too.. Naila

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