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PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)


Poem By Prasetya Utama

Around the temple procession Barongsai
Colorful ready around town
With the sound of drums and kencreng
A sensitizing teling
Duung creng-dung, dung-dung creng
The Mother with daughter are obese
Fond of eating, whacky again
Delivered whining for watching
The Mother who refused, was busy
It did her cake kranjang who,
Foods continue to make offerings,
Who is going to deliver,
Oh, it's the Mas came, he wrote asking for inter-
I'm not good, driven daily dish
For my lunch, through the window
What harm, drove the ade funny
In fact, I actually fancied a beautiful sister
Dark and being school teachers,
Ah, alas, even the ade gets funny
In the hostel, my friends laugh
While fun to play chess
Chess-ster, oh-oh no
Child soldiers war
dead sampyuh
Pawn it should be shifted, klo King should not resign.
From a distance, my friend shouted,
'Delivered aja, klo can not not post
Cake beds. '
You see the clamor of drums and kencreng closer.
When he road laughing happy
The poor student
Could only scratch their heads,
'Happy New Year! '
Maliboro children jumped up excitedly loncak
'Lion Dance luk bend to the left to the right
Up, down
Reaching Ball fortune, reaching Ang Pao.
In the Year of the Water Dragon

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