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Barricades Around Me

I had installed a chain linked fence
To keep people and animals out of my yard,
Then they became curious and also tense
Because, crossing my lawn wasn't that hard.
Birds, dogs and cats and children still arrived,
They all survived.

Around my yard I then dug a moat
To keep the people out and also away,
But, people will swim, and a boat will float
Still people arrived every day.
Whenever there is a blockage there is a temptation,
How else could we have created this great nation.

Around my house I then built a wall
Since my fence and my moat had failed,
Underneath it people would tunnel and crawl
Also over it they flew and also scaled.
Remember Whenever there is a desire or a dream,
People will walk, or fly, jump or dig and scheme.

I tore down and I filled in my barricades
I realized people weren't arriving with a gun or knife
It was all misconceptions, and political charades
They just wanted to look upon a better life.
People then asked could they come over, so they walked,
We shook hands, and we understood as we talked.

Randy L. McClave

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Walls and Barricades will never stop the desperate or determined to trying to reach their dreams of a better life, walls divide, communication and understanding unite. Great Poem!
Hard card! ! Out of my yard! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.