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Barytone For You
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Barytone For You

The sun awoke to warm our skin
there, huddled in the tulips, you and I.
I kissed your throat and then your chin,
and heard from you tradition's sigh.

Fear did well up, unwelcome guest,
I could, my feelings gave their sly okay,
your lovely lips and mouth were pressed
against my hairy chest, I say!

I roamed now, drunk with love's own fumes,
not missing even one small spot.
Few recognise when greatness looms,
I drool and know your skin is hot.

I take possession now of grounds
that, rightfully belong to you,
your yellow ribbons, simple sounds
gave me the first important clue.

From memory, I do recall
saliva can be well supplied
but this is bliss, and Rome shall fall
before I reach the mountainside.

I drink now from the mountainstream,
the sun retreats, leaves us alone.
At dawn there will be peach and cream
the soothing sound of barytone.

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