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You play first base, I'll play second,
I will leave it up to you - - -
Between shortstop and third - - -
one way or the other,
seems right!

Danny pitches,
at least we all agree on that.

Left and center, figure it out - - -
right is the wrong field - - - until the game is on the line!

And then, there is the batting order !

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Why do I think you're not exactly talking about Baseball...and be careful...I hear Danny has been known to throw a mean curveball.... Hugs, Dee
Oh yes, why am I batting last? ? Hopefully, I'm not missing something here, for once I commented on a poem about tea cups and saucers that put me right in the middle of an afternoon delight. Very enjoyable once I realized where I was at. But baseball/softball I think I know.........listen to your coach for SHE knows where you belong....I don't know if this matters or what it might mean to this poem but I'm the pitcher (on a ladies team) or second base is my place (on a mixed team) , whatever the coach thinks best, batting line up I bat 6th. I enjoyed this poem, you caught the fever of where every one plays! Enjoyed your write, made me think of spring. All the best, Diane