Baseius' Temple

Poem By Darryl (Daristotle) McMillan

My mind delivers me from the land of the living
Ascending I am into the land of dreams
Crawling into sleep through a tunnel of thought
Resting as I get there beside the flowing streams

The chimes of unconscious thought ring through the land
Time begins to dissappear as each moment is one
Trees begin to sprout up along my path
All of this illuminated by the light of the purple sun.

How strange it is that all this chaos seems so peaceful
The uncertainty That flows within me keeps me wanting more
Encased in a silouett house with windows of green.
The stranger that has come to visit me stands knocking at my door.

The stranger cloaked in black, sheds light upon his face.
With a puff of a hookah he greets me, 'My name is hate'
He said 'I am here to take you to my kingdom of lonliness'
I peered from a distance to ponder how this shall be my fate

He slowly removed his hood that casted shadows upon his eyes.
'I have been sent by the darkness to poison the hearts of men.
Once I pierce the heart, blackened blood flows through the surrowed veins and the men in their anger spread the hate again and again'

'From my power of destruction I shall create a piper
Unto him I shall pour my poison, corruption shall his heart desire
From him shall pour the beauty of black music, leading
Leading those hearts of men into pseudomorhic euphoria'

I could look only in fear of this intruder
Sensing only the horror felt by my soul
Upon my dreams I wished this to be false
And with of puff of smoke he spoke again

'His name shall be want, and from his songs will flow
the beat of happiness and addicted shall the people grow
They shall follow him for fear of unfilled desire
shall leave their hearts in a greedy fire'

'This Baseius I tell to you for the queen of innocence
shall be the first to hurt when the hearts of men fail.
so do you reap these thoughts in flowing cognizance
Can your childish eyes see through my allouring veil. '

And into the night did the stranger flow
and with a tortured beating of my heart he was gone
My days to come will be a test I know
When the Queen of Innocence will dawn

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