FA (15/02/1982 / )

Basic Needs

Of all the basic needs of man,
Two top the priority list,
One is air, the other is food,
And air has been given for free.

A man can survive without a home,
For the trees can give him shade,
But not a minute without air,
And air is free of charge.

The second basic need is food,
Without which man cannot live,
A man can survive without cloths,
But not for long without food.

Of all the essential needs of man,
Air, food, clothing and shelter-
Only two are not do without-
The rest are not as such.

To aid in the provision of this needs,
God did a fifty-fifty deal with man,
I will provide the air, you sought for your food,
And God kept his own bargain.

If you can't eat is not God's fault,
For God has done his best;
He has done a fifty-fifty deal with you,
And oxygen is never scarce.

by Frank Adie

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