Save The Tiger

Tiger hunting has been banned
Over in India in the far east..
But still the poachers track them down
And massacre this lovely beast.
For many years they have been hunted
Been slaughtered by the hour.
Because their bones - the chinese believe
Have special healing power.
They are an admired apparition
When seen in their wild habitat.
Should be the symbol of conservation
It is said of this beautiful cat.
They are a majical sight from the heavens
The link between god and man.
Many become mesmerized at their sight
Thats why we must enforce the ban.
To stop the dwindling numbers
We must for a strategy.
Which helps imprison the bone traders
Then we can throw away the key.
For me they are the best feline
There is no doubt in my mind.
Their exquisite face and striped fur
Make them definately one of a kind.
We have to stop the futile killing
The reasons are plain to see.
Exstinction is just around the corner.
Wont somebody please hear my plea!

by Teresa Hyslop

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