Bass Lake (2)

Through the Woods
along the winding road
we arrive at Bass Lake
just in time for the summer break

Such clean sweet water
fresh as fresh can be
and you do not have to think
That water we can drink,
you and Me

So we all run to the end of the Dock
and jump in the cold water, awaiting the Shock
we swim for Clams,
and watch the Fish watching us
no worries the Fish don't Fuss

But having Fun, and swimming all day
Takes it out of you in a funny way
So we head up to the barn, for a lie in the hay
And we go to sleep dreaming that tomorrow will be a Sunny Day

by David Darbyshire

Comments (2)

I wanna go to the bass lake! ! What a lovely picture in my head Dave, great poem. Molexx
A lovely image for a summer day! Patricia