Bass Wars

I drove all night just to find a new place to call my own. I belonged to no one and nothing anymore. I needed to find a place; somewhere, anywhere that was far away from the only place I have ever known. I hated my hometown and I hated how they all saw me. I knew that I didn't belong there. It was time I found my journey alone out on my own. I was always a loner; left behind, usually not by choice; but that was the way I liked it...ALONE. Besides; I never knew how to be except for alone. It was nice and quiet inside my head all of those years. It would've been nice to have at least one friend, just one childhood friend that I could've grown up with. I came close once; but of course she died. It was something that was never meant to be. All that I ever had was just me. It was time to be on my own now. I didn't have family anymore; they all died and left me behind. It didn't bother be lonely; it never really did. It gave me time to do the things I loved and to think about life. Now I had to use all that thinking to figure out what I was going to do next. All that I was left was a broken down empty house and my car. My car was everything. It was all I had that belonged to me. So I got in my car and drove and drove until I couldn't drive anymore. My deprived body needed to sleep so I had to find a place to spend the night. I found a motel to stay in for the night. I figured I could get a good night's sleep to sleep on my thoughts to see if I was going back home to a town I never wanted to be a part of in the first place. I sure as hell didn't want to live in a house full of bad memories. I wanted a fresh start. I just didn't know where to START. Then it all hit me at once. I was staring at the answer right in front of me. On my room door there was a flyer; they were everywhere on every room of the hotel. I even saw them scattered around on the ground. There it was in gold, black and silver glitter; BASS WARS! There can be only one. Winner takes all.'The next morning my head was clear and full of adrenalin. A diner across the street caught my eye so I walked over for breakfast. I looked over the map on the back of flyer. I had to gear up for another road trip. The directions were simple but it was going to take me at least two hours to get there. After I ate I got to the racing grounds as fast as I could. With the music blaring and the open wind in my hair; the drive there went by quickly. I came to a fork in the road. One sign to the left pointed to MONSTER DRAG. The other sign to the right pointed to BASS WARS. I followed the dirt road that lead up to a giant hill. At the edge of the hill it looked like there was nothing on the other side of it. I stopped the Firebird, put it in park; I looked around and there was no one else around for miles. It was in the middle of nowhere. I was starting to think that the whole thing was just a joke. I left the engine running and got out the car leaving the driver's side door open. I grabbed my water bottle off the dash. I took a drink as I walked up the rest of the hill. I stood at the top and spit out every bit of my water. It spewed all over me. I was shocked at what I saw below the hill. It was hot rod heaven. I fell to my knees. I never saw that much muscle all in one place. This was home; this is where I belonged.'This was my chance to prove myself. Here I was staring at the flyer; staring at my future, my fate right in the face. I wanted to run away my entire life but now I had the chance to race instead of run. This was my freedom; my race. Racing is my life and that trophy belongs to me.

by Gianna Jett

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Thank you so much! ! !
This is a thoughtful and thought provoking poem shared here. Racing is you life and that trophy belongs to you only. Self discovery values more in life.10