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Bath Bliss
(25th March 1943 / )

Bath Bliss

Having a bath is so relaxing,
When a day at the office has been so taxing,
We need to ease away our tensions,
Otherwise we may never collect our pensions,
To keep forever on the go,
Rushing to and rushing fro,
Is really just not good for us,
We really must learn to adjust.
Instead of working oneself into a lather,
What are the things that you would rather
Do, that is, if you had the choice,
Be able to get out of that office, and just rejoice?
Look at all the things to do at your leasure,
Lots of things to give you pleasure,
And a hot bath is number one on the list,
One that I don't think you can resist,
It will soothe your worries, soothe your dismay,
Soothe all your aches and pains away,
For the water will do just what it should,
And you know you'll be feeling really good,
You'll no longer need to feel depressed,
You'll be feeling bright eyed and full of zest.
So run the bath, and jump right in,
Fill that bath right up to your chin,
Close your eyes and deeply breathe,
Calm yourself, no need to seethe.
Tip in the bath foam and whisk up the bubbles,
Slowly shake away all those troubles.
So you see, having a bath is so relaxing,
When a day at the office has been so taxing.

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Comments (9)

What a great explanatory poem about why we should have a bath. You had no need to convince me though, as it is my favorite place. That is your talent, to take something simple as this, and give the reader the chance to do likewise and take a bath. 10 Karin Anderson
I wouldn't have thought it would be possible to write a poem about having a bath but you have proved me wrong! Great write Ernestine, Love Andrew x
I like the poem a lot but, to be honest, I am a shower man.
Nice one! It makes me feel like running a hot bath right now and jumping in :)
What a bath rhapsody. We share a passion for water.
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