Wineglass Pouring Sadness

★ Wineglass Pouring Sadness(Two Pairs of Couplets)

☆ Quatrain & Translation by Luo Zhihai (1954-, China)

Moon fishing vicissitudes of life, cloud as a bait
Wineglass pouring sadness, figure as an accompanying guest
Scholarly honor and fame in the dust world, don't take them seriously
Wealth and position in the human world like an illusory net

On March 2,2016, Poetry and Translation

◆ Chinese Text

★ 杯斟寂寞(对联体)

☆ 罗志海 绝句


by Luo Zhihai

Comments (4)

In philosophical style.
......the middle stanza is my favorite...and could be true ★
Your logic is most wise, I must learn as thou so did to speak, the question and ask of it not, yet reach that compromise.. For the queen that I must speak, ..of not.
suitably obscure and evocative