Bathed In Pillars Of Light #2

The light does bring forth life
darkness is only temporary
meant for us to rest our selves

Shrug off yesterdays difficulties
for the morrows light brings us
new hope in most difficult things

Yet the white rose fragrance
indearing to all brings forth
the sculpture of all pure things

I have at a young age
long tranceded
this mortal shell
encased it seems
that I am in

For the purity of that
which it is

When you gaze
upon it's leaves
indelibity blue printed
to pass on to others
which you will

Just but left to tend
the garden
by those whom know
the secrets of that upon
which we are
all intitled to

Only for the lack of
sight without eyes
to hear with out ears
to taste that which you smell
and so those two scenses
are intertwined
to feel
with out
an impath

Pure and simple
yet with dignity
and as much

We must treat
all others
as well

by Uloia Norris Moore

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