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Bathing In The Waters Of The Heavens
LO (01.04.1974 / England)

Bathing In The Waters Of The Heavens

Poem By Li'l One

I hear it before I see it
Pounding loudly
Drumming wildly
My heart wants to join in
I want to run naked through it
Feel the droplets pounding my skin
Bathing in the waters of the heavens

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i can't wait to be in there..............really i am.................
poem in a nut shell; great
This is nice, Emmalene..lovely and short hugs, Meggie
what a lovely title Emmalene, and as for the poem it too is a wonderful basic human desire too run out and bathe in the waters of heaven. I think this poem works becuase it strikes an accord with many and the images are nice. best wishes Robin
Emmalene, this is a lovely poem, short and to the point, There is nothing more beautiful than warn, refreshing rain. Keep bathing, Colin J...