Bathing With Minnows

I just got up when I heard the water come on,
Been listening to ya'll yacking since dawn,
Jordan wearing his favorite shorts in the tub,
Minnows swimming around in the hub-bub,

by Vallerie Lobell Click to read full poem

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This one is so cute~A little comedy here and good form and flow to match~this I could picture you performing live :)
odd how you dont realise what you have until its gone got past the parenting and the grandparenting but stll enjoying the great grandparentingIf only for the peace when he goes home
Io so mch enoyed reading this piece! It gave me a ((smile)) and was entertaining and yet true of how we feel sometimes when we are feeling all we do is cook, clean and take care of others... great title that drew me in with just the perfect imagery! . keep sharing as U write well, Shelley
The title made me think I was going fishing...except I use my own brand of lures...Minnows talk back...Mr. Wiffle doesn't. My wife is busy crying...because our only child has left and the house is big and empty. I got her a bird....maybe minnows?
The title pulled me in and the words sketched scenes I can recall as a dad. They are grown now. I miss the mess. The time they pulled the soap dish off the wall using it for a handle. thanks again, good work
that was good...and i sent something in ur inbox...also tell alot of people to read my poems...i also have a new poem! ! !
nice poem enjoyed it typical house with kids you must love it story told well
Awwww Vallerie, this is sooo sweet. How much time indeed? They grow up so fast, and get into lots and lots of mischief (giggle) . But we treasure the days we have with them, even when we scold them to pick up after themselves (giggle) , or not to get their clothes dirty on Sunday, or a school day. Our children are so precious to us no matter how old they get. You made my heart glad today with this light romp through life. Thank you so much for sharing this. Barbara