Poem By Robert Sheridan

Been persistently beaten/pounded repeatedly
Down one dirty road/coast-to-coast
Damaged area/beneath the skin
Done by those swinging the bat/bad intent
Sugar coated/slope of the deface
Hurricane in disguise/mutilated by a razor
Thrown into the mix/battered and fried
Email; IM/waiting for the phone to ring
Dating’s a farce/more like a semi-liquid
Certainly made a dent/ill-winds intent
Brings you down/reduced and deprived
Need to abate a nuisance/abate a writ
No more negligent touching/position withdrawn
What goes around comes around/saying goodbye.


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Powerful, strong peice.

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ǣ Ceallian Tð Ælmesse

(a call to alms)

fðlmes ðf þæt giernans
(hands of the beggars)


Graying of hair
Bit of a spread
Feet of clay, I
sit here slowly

Lufian Ðpeians

(love opens)

sceawian seð beacen þæt halgians
(see the sign that consecrates)

Clear As Mud

Soft earth, or earthy matter
Scandalous and malicious
assertions, brewed strong
and bitter; as-a lubricant


Lash of love's whip
Abrupt, snapping
motion - dot the i
and cross the t;


I ruminate & I ponder
I don't always think
things through, then
enters the 'f' word,