Battered Husband

battered husbands too exist
a wife kicking his strong feet
slapping his rugged jaw
insulting him in front of his

by Antonio Liao Click to read full poem

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Wow! Totally intense and emotional poem about battered men! It is not often talked about, but does exist quite often in our world. It is just as horrible a crime as battering a women - it's very offensive and wrong. Thank you for having the courage to write of this crime, it needs to come to light! RoseAnn
Pregnant with passion and pathos as the reality of a crime that is often swept under the rug is powerfully brought in to light. Well done my friend!
abuse on men exist, verbal and physical...
yeah who would save the battered husbands............... Good write............
yes.. battered husbands too exist.. those whose scars can and sometimes cannot be seen... a very sensitive write..thanx
good narration, Anto...and good ending too...10
Interesting theme, that of violence against men. Thanks.
Bravo! ! ! I have poem similar to this and it is indeed entitled battered husband. I can relate to this piece and I love your imagery.