Battery Needed

Why is my clock always slow?
It always plays up, when there is
somewhere to go. Why does my clock
never tell the right time, when it reads
ten minutes to the hour! it's way past nine.
Why does my clock, never strike
on the hour! It still has its pendulum,
but the thing lacks power.This old clock
never had an alarm, but now its lost it's
old world charm. This old clock had a
Westminster Chime, but now it's full of
dirt and grime, it really is a troublesome
thing. I sometimes wonder if it needs a new
spring.When I wind it up, it just makes a weird
sound, it makes me feel I want to throw it
around.I think it's time to change it to Quartz.
Then that should cure all its faults.
With a battery inside, my clock will be just fine.
Then I will get to work, in plenty of time.
I will then be sad, because my clock has no heart,
only a battery to make it start.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (7)

A sweet nostalgic write about the pros and cons of advancing technology. Maybe you could have the old girl repaired so you can still hear her heart beat. I know that's what I'd to. lovely poem. Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I feel so sorry for its old ticker! ! ! ! No heart, such a shame. You brought him to life in this poem. Wonderful read. Love Ernestine XXX
Sweet, simple, touching and wonderfully crafted.
Dear Sylvia, I love this one as it reminds me of a time when we knew how to treasure the things that had meaning in our lives.Even a simple clock can touch the heart.This poem has had a simular effect.Great write.Love Duncan
I just know that you have been in your Grandmother's attic again, haven't you. If you never do a thing with this clock, don't throw it out, because poets are always one step out of time with everyone else anyhow! ! Scarlett
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