(25th March 1943 / )

Battery Recharge

Why are Winter's dull days, so depressing,
And if it's cold as well, very distressing.
Especially, if it's damp,
It gives one's joints the cramp,
This type of weather becomes really quite stressing.

Yet when the sun shines, we then feel elated,
Our spirits rise, and are regenerated,
It makes one raise a smile,
And then, after a while,
One feels that one's whole being's rejuvenated.

So roll on Summer with your sunny haze,
When one can, in your warmth, lay back and gaze,
And let the sun renew,
One's batteries, which are due,
Thus setting one up for next Winter's dreary days.

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (5)

Yes it can't come quickly enough for me either! Andrew x
Beautiful. Another affinity. Love, Susie.
A really positive feeling from this one. Thankyou Love Duncan
A very lovely English bloke once said, 'Here comes the sun and I say it's alright' A beautiful George Harrison blessing to you, Ernestine!
I think I could use a battery recharge like this Ernestine! This is great! I could feel the warm sun..........and it's pretty cold here! Very nice. Sincerely, Mary