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Battle At A Picnic

Battle At A Picnic

Poem By Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel

At a picnic not long ago I saw a scene,
and as I've thought on what I saw
I've come to understand what it means.
Ants were marching across the sand,
our lunch had usurped something
what we sat on what was their land.
They marched onto a battle field of plaid
and one gave me a warning bite
They fought as though my size wasn't so bad
and truly gave us all a fright.
I admire those insects so small,
they fought well for their home
without fear and with great gall.
If war was like that picnic ground,
what a home we might have,
only for yours laying your life down.
They fought well, those little men
and I have no doubt in my mind
should the need arise they'd do it again.
Be careful where you sit down
make sure it is your own
Or keep your eyes on what's around
before the ants come marching home.

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very well illustrated. interestingly informative. whatever that means. take care.