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Limerick For St. Patrick's Day (Part 2)
AW (11-11-1990_ future / califonia)

Limerick For St. Patrick's Day (Part 2)

Poem By Chuck Audette

You know you can’t deny
Your true love who would buy the world he asks why
You’re shy about a tough guy
Why won’t you reply to his letters he tries not to be the prisoner of his own agony?
Everyone except you uses him as a pillow how could he get by
He wonders why you slip by every time he tries to talk to you he really is a good guy
You should give him a chance instead of putting him on hold on the phone any
One who is a fool know that he can’t resist loving you he thinks you’re lovely, unhappy
He thinks you don’t think of him after all the poetry
His ideas are about to run bone dry he is about to lose hope in the month of July
People think he is a small fry
But you look at him as a Boston cream pie nice and sweet as an apple in the summer sky
He is wearing a white tie waiting for you in the stars in the night in junior high
People pick on the lonely teenage boy
He is eating a apple waiting by the tree for that day that he has to say goodbye
For he has to die
He can’t leave just yet he has unfinished business with fate he can hear the hawk cry for love nearby searching until he is seen by the human eye

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