Dissenting scooters ranted and raved
Protesting with hissing noisy and cloud of smoke
Tussling with vehicles struggling to dodge potholes
Spirited shoeless children played closely in rags
Scavenging and scampering in all directions
Knocking on all to legs and hands in same space were
Flea ridden dogs, grumbling pigs and chickens snapped
At stench foods with rival hawkers jostling and hassling
Eating, selling, and exchanging their merchandises.

Perhaps atoning for such deplorable state of insanity
By the junction, where the open stagnant sewers meet
Men cleared a surrounding rubbish to gather for ablution

My head raced in wondered at the utter confused wrestling
The mayhem that is existence attending most Sabon-Geris

by segun Johnson Ozique

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........nicely written...wish there was never war...