Battle Of Mind, Won By The Heart

They rule us by proxy believers
Divide and conquer their only notion
They twist and turn us by our emotion
As they whisper to any who are receivers
Our blood becomes their water
Flooding the world with their glasses
Smiling as they toast to all the masses
Winking, how they love chaos out of their order
Don't become enflamed by all the lies
They produce enemies as magicians
Making use of genius slaves as their technicians
Which they adeptly compartmentalize

Battle of mind, can only be won by the heart

But we can only blame us for our own sadness
Because we slowly dance to their tunes
Because our faith lies broken in ruins
So instead we have worshipped and prayed to their madness
As they wreak havoc upon the entire earth
By making synthetic fears and hollow promise
If we resist, they overtly strafe and bomb us
Shocking and mesmerizing us from our birth
Tied religiously to cell towers and waves
And electronic roving ears and eyes; day and night
Deep down within our thought, we know it's not right
For we know truly we have become less than slaves

Battle of mind, can only be won by the heart

Well we all have our inner voices
Don't let them coerce you into dumb silence
They will bully you by crying you are dangerous defiance
And only they can decide; what are your choices
But they can only truly rule you
By your consent and by your decree
Don't give up and back down to them and agree
And let them continue to fool you
This is a battle that can't be won by bullets or steel
For they have purchased many men to abide
And we can only hurt ourselves in nuclear suicide
We have to open our hearts to what this world is for real

Battle of mind, can only be won by the heart

They have one religion, that is death and to kill
And the altar they worship at is all control
As they weep, to somehow fill their empty hole
That nothing in this universe could hope to fill
The only true enemies are they who blow the horn
And want all the others to go on the attack
While stealthily they slowly fade on back
And laugh at all us with hatred and scorn
Don't let anyone else be your mouthpiece
Whether state or religion that abound
We need to stand on our own ground
And perhaps somehow their insanity will cease

by Alfred Barna

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Life is full of the muse of mankind; whether for the right thing or, for the wrong thing. Thanks for sharin gthis poem with us. E.K.L.