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Battle Of Wits
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Battle Of Wits

A man who, tired but awake
came to the shore of Deerhorn Lake,
his wife could tell he had not caught
a single fish. When he had bought
those lures and poles and fancy reels
he'd talked about delicious meals
that they would have once he would go
onto the lake just like a pro.

He told her then he'd go and snooze
inside the house (there would be booze) .
So, off she went with boat and gear
and half a pack of Coor's cold beer.

She reached the centre and released
the anchor of the large-hulled beast.
She reached for the big fishing guide
when there was movement at her side.

Inspectors do patrol these regions
and with the Law is their allegiance.
'What may I ask is your intent,
'it's out of season, early Lent? '

And staring at her ample breast
he added 'I will now arrest
you for the fishing here today
and for this crime you sure will pay.'

'I am not fishing, Sir, I read
each day here on this boat, indeed.
As you can see, the gear is here
I haven't even touched the beer.'

'I do not care', said he with glee,
'you have the means and don't fool me,
you are out here to catch the fishes
instead of home with dirty dishes.'

'If you arrest me, I will scream
and tell your whole inspector team
that I was trying to escape
and you will face the charge of rape.'

'How dare you, lady talk such rot
are you on uppers, coke or pot?
There was no sign of sex, I say
the courts will lock your life away.'

'You have equipment and the tools,
I'm sure that all the legal fools
will see that sex was your intent,
may God have mercy, do repent! '

Without a word the man then turned
as far as he was now concerned
he'd lost the battle of the wits,
he would remember though, her tits.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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My own are heaving with laughter.... excellent, I say... from one bit tit to one quick wit. (Did she catch the fish that ended up on yesterday's blind man's dish?) t x