Battle Scars

I wear them
for I must
upon my flesh
to dust

Wear them I do
not in arrogance
that I do nor
in shame

Formidable opponent
it is that from such
like of said of all
must wear the scars

Impressed by
the out ward
of such

Multiply by a hundred
inside many lives
have so touched
onto me their scars
I do wear

Getting back unto there
hard path to follow path
often wide
all paths should
be narrow indeed

Some thing other
than I can't describe

Seeing things
ought nought
run from them not
necromancer am not
yet they all come
my way to them...Unto you answer that

by Uloia Norris Moore

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Comments (3)

There is something so intriging(sic) about how you handle this message, with the word orders you've is refreshing! You take a 'could have been trite' subject and turn it into something new with this word order. Now, that's poetry! ! ! Excellent! ! xxElysabeth
worded well, I think we all have our fair share of battle scars