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Battle Through Emotions

Shattered glass thats fell to the floor
Of holding emotions in until you can't take no more
I wanna give up what I've always known
Is all the pain has become unbearably overgrown

Why does nothing make sense in my troublesome head?
As tears that trickle down my cheek is all the pain I shed
Feels like I'm isolated in a world where's there's no way out
I think to myself is this what my life's going to be about?

I've lost myself of who I once was before
Has left me confused thinking do I even know me anymore?
Why 'O' Why must feelings must be so complicated
Is how I carry on of all the problems that have been created

Inside holds a damaged wound that's slowly fading
I will win this battle that's invading
I may be weak but I will continue to remain strong
Is the place of a happier me is were I truly want to belong.

By Melissa Patty

by Melissa Patty

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