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Battle With The Demons
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

Battle With The Demons

I need two hearts so I can breathe at night, yours and mine.
Even if your heart isn't in me, I feel it pulsating down to my spine.
It's beating so strongly, whispering my name in your sweet voice.
Those whispers are turning into screams and I'm trying to heed your call.
But I can't, and sitting there idly listening while you cry is my only choice.
Tears are streaming down our faces, because I can't catch you when you fall.
Our souls are dark even though there's light and the sky is starry
I try to say something to you but all that I can mouth is, I'm sorry.
I have to sit and watch while you dance with the devil slowly 
Even the devil has a companion, now I'm feeling lonely...
But I have your heart, yet our beats are now so distantly spaced.
Your soul is with me too, it's holding onto mine but it's grasp is misplaced.
It's slipping away slowly and being bought into the abyss beneath
I see you cry so I try to save you, removing the knife from its sheath
But the knife isn't in it's casing and he has it pressed to your skin
He's opened a small cut to taste the blood from you drip by drip
As it drips from your gorgeous skin, our hearts get into sync
My mind clears up and fists tighten, I can fight and think
As I disarm the devil and turn my knife on him, I feel a piercing in my back
You betrayed my trust and helped the devil in his souless attack
I turn around and look into your eyes and feel hate, but my hand stays low
I can't bring myself to harm you no matter how much pain you give
So I drop to the floor and your soul falls to the abyss below
The devil has won the war, and I've lost my ability to live
The will is gone anyway, that is until your body trips
And your heart and soul reunite with it, and we touch lips
My body is lifted and powerful enough to fight one more round
This time I get the shot, and he falls straight to the ground
Our lips meet again and the return back to reality begins
The ascent is incredible and for once I can truely say love wins.

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