turn, and turn the wheel rolls
the clock of time turns daily tolls
on steady beat and moonlight comes
heartbeating's thump and pulse and drums.

drum, and drum the battle flows
the art of war drums, claws and crows
on life's demise the rest of time
depending on loss and hurt and crime.

crime, and crime again repeat
the gain of waste is sad defeat
on backs of men the piles create
detesting effort, build the hate.

hate, and hate can only last
the length of days we hope are past
on prayer's foundation purely built
removing fear and loss and guilt.

guilt, and guilt no more the guide
the mentor's hand leads far and wide
on verse depends his heart will tend
allowing healing, praise and mend.

mend, and mend the circle leads
the hand of God upholds and feeds
on faith the heart can heal and burn
reminding all the way to turn.

turn, and turn again can start
the weapons faith and soul and heart
on proverbs, parables we lend
breaking the cycle, death can end.

end, and end the last is God
the armour 's faith and grace the rod
on final days the balance sheet
arriving home, that day we meet.


by martin elbin

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