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***battling Desire***
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

***battling Desire***

Poem By Kaspa Richards

What I want looks to be permanently out of reach
No matter what I say or do, teach or preach
So with each passing day my desire becomes like a leach
This once so exciting emotion now has me tied to her leash

I think of nothing else but of times I could have had
Together forever like birds and feathers
Or memories of times i've had that stop me going mad
A garden kiss at sunrise mist a time you’ll find I miss

This constant desire should have me call her sire
For she rules over me and she mocks and she fires
Wave after wave of heart attacks but she never tires
So my fight looks dire and I get anxious and I perspire

But I have one weapon that makes my desire smile
If only for a little while
I think about our angel and how I wish she was here
And how I could never loose her but she’s never near

Snapped back to her senses I feel the yank on my leash
Exposed to her fear my desire feels now she has to teach
Playing them thoughts over and over an exhausted mind breached
For it was all my fault not hers that made her out of reach

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