Darkest Dawn Before The Night

Lost in the mist of undying thoughts
Thwarted and jolted by a love that rots
Stinks and sucks on my soul and blood,
Leprosy borne this emotion stirred
Devastating the deep to the point of insanity,
Leaving a trail of despised humanity,
In the cold dark waters of my frenzied will,
A jilt hunts and predates a fantasy unfulfilled,
As the murkiness of my solitude, begins to splash,
The darkest dawn before the night, is about to crash,

Expectations put to grave in the nick of time,
Lynched and gagged, accused of a crime,
A crime that defined loyalty unproven,
Bleed to death and then burn amidst a coven
The thoughts that stand as daunt as irrevocable
Checking any signs if the wound is unstable
Then waiting in the shadows of the memories,
Ready to pounce at a slightest stir..

Realms of depressions strike against mind
Like an echo hits against a wall
Consumed by the silence thereafter,
Pain crawls within like the watered roots of infection
And Humbled by its oblivion, the body surrenders without retreat
No more the twisted fists hold the begged plight
No more the succumbed thoughts seek respite,
No more the grief of the gone mocks the despised,
For it has dawned,
The darkest dawn before the night...

by Shagun Khera

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