Even Geoffrey Chaucer Didn't Use

Probably he belongs to
An English speaking country
But he does not know that he is
A slum dweller with a poor dialect
His English is non-academic
Ungrammatical and substandard
Is not aware of usage of modern grammar

He uses the maiden version
Of a Roget's Thesaurus
Where many words are obsolete

Uses archaic words
Even Geoffrey Chaucer
Didn't try, didn't use
Claims that he is the language editor
Appointed by Poem Hunter!

Copyright @Poet,24 May,2019

by Dillip K Swain

Comments (2)

You are correct.Twas the Eastern Bluebird that created what is now known as the branch office. Doves were then only used as messengers to fly from branch to branch simply because that was all they could reasonably be expected to do. You know, Dumb Dove, Beautiful Bluebird. Hx
PS.. It's BBB, beyond all words ALL sounds and syllables, She is the *Tweetest twitter* TOEtally beyond all tuther tings... aroha xx