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Be A Boxer Then

If you need others to play a sport
If you need others as a cohort,
Then please play football, baseball or basketball
They will help and support you with a win or a fall,
They will be your legs and your arms and your brain
And they will be there to share your pain,
And when you get hurt or tired on the court or the field
They will pull you aside to give you rest until you are healed.
On the court or the field if you ever get punched or hit
Your coaches will always protest with a violent fit,
With gear and garb they want you well protected
And the refs will make sure that you are not neglected.

If you do not want to put your faith in a teammate
If you want to be the master of your own fate,
In a sport where the loss is yours alone to blame
Where only you carry that loss and the shame,
In a win you want to stand proudly all alone
To the victory and the trophy only you will own,
The efforts and strageties are yours to plan
You don't need others to help create this man,
If in a sport you want to rely only on you
Where your arms, legs and brain knows what to do,
If asked how could one be among the true warrior men
I will say, be a Boxer then.

Randy L. McClave

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(cont.) 2- but, tell the whole truth. (not that i'd know, first hand) sure, it's your name on the marquee, and your blood on the canvas, but doesn't SOME credit belong to manager, trainer, and sparing partners? maybe a bit, at least? but we poets don't 'have to' be completely truthful! ! ! bri (
1- Wow, two fine poems in a row i've read tonight from your hand; you DON'T write with your feet, i suppose. to MyPoemList. and your bio on PH says you were a boxer, so i guess you write of what you KNOW. (cont.)