Be A Man

Be a man

How wish was the Mom's want:
- "Be a man, true one."

She preached and advised:
- "As a man, be mix of …
-as is cake mixture of…"

"Of rooster a portion
-and also of pigeon
-with icing, flavor
-from the old crow…"

Then she said, explained:
- "The Roosters pride in
-guarding wives and women…
-even if amassed and in thousands…
-Pigeon man shares his life…
-all the way to the food swallowed…
-with his wife, partner…"

My mother was great
-as mentor and teacher
-devoted, always taught.
-Had a way teaching sex
-clear, though always
-she kept a barrier:
- "Crows too have sex but…
-they do it in secret;
-not shameless, in open! "

Sweet and, cute, kind
-with no word, no motion
-she stirred emotions
-in her sons to think of
-having wives, making love,
-be tender and great partners.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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