Right To Education

Right to education
Is a right to live,
Without education we spontaneousy get
A right to die,
Not physically but morally,
Illiteracy is our moral death,
For being illiterate we can't even talk life,
Education is a soul rests
In the body of human being,
So without education,
We are only human animals,
Education takes us to height of humanity.

by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Comments (15)

Intoxication by any means is delivered by this poem.
It seems - from this poem and others - that life is an overwhelming foe.
Wow. powerful about being in love with Life. Be drunk. Love it.
Being drunk on wine or virtue can be a problem. Virtue here means spiritualism or religion. When a person is drunk in religion he/she tends to do some preaching to people around. Spiritual people don't like freedom of thought.
This was the motivation i needed thank you.
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