Be Far My Love

Poem By Prabhakar Srivastava

Yes, I ever told you my love
How much love I feel for you
I pray to God for you my love
For you this soul weeps too
But the time now demands it
And Now we together can't sit
Pains lying before us in a pile
Be far my love just for awhile

Yes, I know it's painful to you
Miles we together had walk
But the callous fate too stalk
To crush our romantic view
But my love know once for all
Nothing can supress love's call
Let hissing fate before us coil
It can part us only for awhile

I feel the pain which you have
Let our fate for us be a knave
Be brave my love to face the test
This too will surely make us best
Let God see too our love is true
Let fate tear we together will sew
One by one let's remove that pile
The Pains which part us for awhile

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