Body And Soul

Waking down the street of the city,
I've always felt somehow sad.
Even a big city like it
Cannot spare me somewhere to inhabit,
Not just for my body
But also my dying soul.

by Eleven Lin

Comments (6)

Beautiful poem
Be filled with peace and all my warmth. Your happiness is what makes my day and lifts my heart. I'm always yours and only yours. such a great wish........ of peace.... only one who is filled with peace inside can write such a beautiful and short poem.. tha nkyou very much dear poet. tony
Such a beautiful poem! The reassurance of love and apologetic words, I feel like we have all been there.... said something we shouldn't have but love the other person so much that all we can do is ask for forgiveness! Beautiful
A beautiful blessing from your heart to your love's.
With an affectionate and apologetic heart, you strum the strings of the heart. An the old Irish blessing is but a beautiful bonus. PEACE
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