AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)

Be Healed Red Heels

if all is as is in God's mind?
or is He putting forth obstacles?
perhaps He intends us to be blind
or is it that we are blind and then all crumbles?

if time is what heals
then why does the pain continue to kill,
as if the devil herself with her high red heels
is waiting for you to be at her will?

jealousy is the curse
and only tears made it worse-
with the devil collecting in her purse.
just so you may pretend your feelings are reverse

the feelings have been immersed in the stomach-spent
but that leaves your heart where?
the emotions hidden as if your heart is a place to rent.
you must learn it is a place that one learns to share

so to those who wear read heels beware
because your heart may need repair
give it time and say a Prayer
so that your heart can one day love, declare

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Skillfully written. You have expresses with sincerity an immensely important message. I enjoyed the read very much. Love, Grams