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Be Kind To Your Toys
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Be Kind To Your Toys

Poem By Sean Hart

I was walking down the street one day
Looking for someone with whom to play
When a toy soldier flew through the air
And landed at my feet

I investigated the source of the toy
And found in a house a little boy
Throwing his toys across the room
To smash against the wall

He pulled back his arm and he let loose
Fast as a lightning bolt sent from Zeus
Through the air his toys would whiz
Screaming for their lives

Please don’t break us!
Please don’t hurt us!
They pleaded to the boy
But that just provoked him more

The toys grew mad
As the boy grew glad
Breaking them
One after one

So they rebelled against him
And climbed up his limbs
And hoisted him off the ground

With one great heave
The ground he did leave
Now the boy flew through the air

He bounced off the wall
As the toys they did call
To pick him up again

So be kind to your toys
You good girls and boys
Because they just might be alive

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